"I will always be grateful that I met Rokaya during my first few months of maternity leave. At a time when I was feeling a little isolated she was there to meet up, listen and support with practical suggestions and kind words.

It's great that she will be able to support new parents at this tough but rewarding time"


“Rokaya was so helpful when I was a new Mum and was always happy to give time and energy to listen to any worries I had - making sure I never felt judged or like I was asking silly questions!"


"I am so pleased Rokaya has started this course for new parents! There is a lot of support on offer during pregnancy and childbirth but this group is quite unique in providing support when you are balancing life with a new baby, lack of sleep, and still have plenty of questions! Rokaya is non-judgemental, a fantastic listener and has a wealth of local knowledge to support new parents."



Thank you, Rokaya for all the support you gave me when it was most needed! As a first time mum, it was so reassuring to know that I had someone who was very knowledgable and supportive. Rokaya provides such a friendly environment where mums can relax and socialise as well as building essential knowledge and skills for parenting. I strongly recommend her course.


I went on an antenatal class at hospital so I thought I was prepared, how little I knew then! We didn't exchange details at the class so I didn't know any new mums once I'd given birth. I soon realised I wasn't as prepared as I thought and felt like everyone else who had a baby had it so together, while I was struggling to get out of the house. It wasn't until I spoke to Rokaya I realised all my insecurities about how I was dealing with motherhood was normal! Rokaya was amazing when I really needed help she prepared me for the future by giving me practical advice on the things that I had to do to get my baby into a sleep routine, weaning and even helped me with breastfeeding. Her help has been truly invaluable and I would highly recommend her advice and services to all mums!"



Whilst I have been very diligent in classes and I read a ton of books prior to having my baby, it was quite unsettling and little bit chaotic once he was born. When my husban returned to work, my family back abroad and the visits from my friends became scarce, I felt a bit overwhelmed at home. I met Rokaya on week four of my postpartum journey- and she has been tremendously helpful since. She made me feel welcome straight away, introduced me to local mums and helped answer my numerous questions without any judgement (from nursery choices to soothing techniques and best baby moisturiser).

Rokaya's classes provide a friendly and welcoming environment which is a great setting to discuss with like minded new mums whilst baby is comfortably playing. The Mother and Baby Course was so useful and refreshing to realise that all other mums are in the same boat with similar challenges. We learnt loads of helpful tips and techniques and I made a nice group of friends who I continue to meet up with. I followed on this course with the Baby Development classes which were more focused on activities for the baby. It was great learning new skills such as yoga and massage which my baby loved and I could practice at home.

Nothing can fully prepare you for being a new mum, but Rokaya's toolkit and her candid experience sharing is a must have!


Thank you Rokaya, as a second time mum who didn’t do any antenatal classes this time around my mummy network wasn’t as wide as it was when I had my first. It was lovely to come to your home, meet other mums and discuss topics and share tips on things that were relevant to us all. I particularly enjoyed the paediatric first aid session (run by a trained paramedic), this provided invaluable practical knowledge. I also loved the weaning/cooking session- my eldest is still enjoying the muffins! I’ve met a great group of ladies and we’ll continue to meet I’m sure. Thank you for your help, support and time us mums need it!