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Baby Love is owned by Rokaya Ahmed. As a mother of two under-two’s I quickly became an expert in feeding, changing, playing, soothing and the holy grail of getting them to sleep! Having studied Child Psychology, I understood a happy baby means a happy mummy and a happy wife means a happy life! I found that my eldest had all of our undivided attention and when the poor little one came along, he got dragged along to all of her countless classes and parties.


I wanted to provide an affordable course and friendship group for first, second or third time mums. I am passionate about providing parents support that is helpful, non-judgemental and sociable.


A lot of the antenatal classes focus on giving birth so I wanted to focus on actually taking care of the baby and yourself once you are back home. As more mothers are giving birth at hospitals further afield people you meet at antenatal classes aren’t necessarily local, which is exactly what you need when trying to juggle things around your baby’s routine.


At baby love we really encourage the social side of motherhood as it can be incredibly lonely with very little adult interaction. I host weekly coffee mornings and mums night out so you can reclaim your identity, relax, have fun and enjoy a meal with other likeminded individuals.


Having a baby can be extremely overwhelming and with the constant lack of sleep and exhaustion it’s hard to find the time to read all the parenting books. What precious little time you do have shouldn’t be spent alone trawling through websites for answers to your baby questions. Britain’s most well-known baby experts Gina Ford & Jo Frost (Supernanny) don’t have children of their own so there no-nonsense tough talking approach is easier said than done! With a baby of my own I understand every baby needs love, encouragement and praise and with a little guidance you can help bring out the best in them.


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Helping mums & babies make lifelong friends

Bringing mums together in a supportive home environment to help build a lasting bond with your baby, whilst making new friends and enjoying adult company.

If you’re a mum with a young baby & want to meet other mums whilst learning the skills to be a cool, calm and confident mother; then join us for our two-hour weekly course. Enjoy motherhood while providing the best care at this crucial early stage. Nurture your baby’s development.

Classes are taught in a relaxed & welcoming environment in my home as this is the most natural setting for babies. You’ll get a lovely hot drink & refreshments plus plenty of baby equipment is provided; swing, bouncer, moses basket, cot to keep the babies rested. Have fun, dress up your baby & take photos with their new baby buddies.

Courses will cover:

  • Getting to know you; make friends with other local mums & babies

  • Share your birthing stories, what would you change?

  • Bonding with your baby

  • Crying; Calming & soothing techniques

  • Introducing solids; Baby Led Weaning or spoon feeding purees

  • Cooking class; fresh home made food for babies.

  • Sleep training

  • Basic first-aid

  • Baby Development; Sensory and music

  • What to buy and what classes to attend?

  • Nurseries and childcare

  • Exercising and getting back in shape

  • Going back to work

  • Night out for all the mums in the group!


Sharing experiences with new and follow-on mothers

Make friends with other local mums and babies. Share your birthing stories and be better prepared for the next baby! Did it go as planned and what would you change? Discuss techniques on bonding with your baby


Introducing solids to your child

We look at both traditional spoon feeding and baby led weaning so you can decide which approach will work best for you and your baby. Ensure that the transition to solids is a positive experience for both baby and parent. Worried about choking? Basic first-aid training is provided to improve your confidence. Share baby friendly recipes and sample some homemade food!


Sweet Dreams

At baby love our classes help you to learn how to teach your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. We understand each child is different so we will tailor a solution best suited for you and your baby. We will discuss various calming and soothing techniques to pacify a crying baby


Take your baby on a magical adventure

Specifically designed to develop physical, social and emotional, language skills, co-ordination, awareness of the world. Learn through play and enhance your babies brain development whilst improving their motor skills.

Each class uses a number of tools to help your child understand how they can interact with the world and how their actions can change their environment.


Regain your shape, strength and fitness

Look after yourself, to make sure you are in the best possible health to look after your little one. Classes are perfect for new mums who wish to exercise and socialise with their babies.

Discuss individual activities as well as fun group activities within your local area.


Shops, Nurseries, getting back to work - advice to help you along your journey.

Need help on what to buy and what classes to attend? Not sure about nurseries and childcare? Worried about going back to work?

With so many baby products on the market it can be hard to know what you really need so we offer loads of practical advice and tips so you can save money.


10:00 - 12:00

6 week course for less than £7 per hour

Nov 11, 18, 25, Dec 02, 09, 16



10:00 - 12:00

6 week course for less than £7 per hour

Nov 06, 13, 20, 27, Dec 04, 11




Nurture your baby’s development with a range of different activities to stimulate the mind and body.Classes run in six-week blocks and are held in a relaxed homely environment where mum’s can share their experiences and babies have fun!


At Baby Love we recognise the importance of classes for mums as well as babies. Our one-hour classes are perfect to help bring mum’s together in a supportive environment to help build a lasting bond with your baby, whilst enjoying adult company and making new friends.


Making you and your baby smile

Through the use of song and instruments we will help guide your baby to better communicate and help your child to develop the crucial skills to identify patterns to help them develop their communication skills. Learn action songs for hours of fun as your baby excitedly copies your every move


Helping your baby communicate with you

At Baby Love we believe that a signing baby can tell you what they want before they can talk and that an understood baby is a happy baby. Encourage your baby to communicate with signs like milk and help avoid the dreaded meltdown.

We will teach you how to get started and the most important signs.


Take your baby on a magical adventure

Specially designed activities stimulate your baby's senses through touch, sight, smell and sound. Using a variety of textures, shapes, lights and sounds help your baby discover the world around them.


Taking baby steps

An early years physical development programme designed to teach you a number of exercises and play techniques including tummy-time, yoga and massage. We encourage crawling and those very important first steps using soft play and other equipment.


04 November - 09 December

13:00 - 14:00

6 week course for less than £7 per hour

Monday 04, 11, 18, 25, 02, 09



05 November - 10 December

13:00 - 14:00

6 week course for less than £7 per hour

Tuesday 05, 12, 19, 26, 03, 10




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